Epilepsy Awareness
CEO Rod Curnow
Rod Curnow - Director & CEO

I have been working in Marketing and Advertising for most of my life. It was a direct result of my busy lifestyle that I suffered a stroke in 2004.

This led to my first major seizure in 2005, a second one in February 2006 and… a diagnosis of epilepsy soon after.

Epilepsy has almost taken my life. Twice.

Because of the limited research being done, I began to speak with other people about epilepsy and how it affected their lives. Soon, they began to approach me also. For advice and counselling.

That’s when I decided to use my business skills to do something about finding a solution. To help find a cure and raise awareness of epilepsy.

Since then, I’ve been conducting research into this insidious condition. And I’ve been astonished by the prevalence, lack of awareness and most significantly limited medical research being undertaken into epilepsy.

That’s why The Click Foundation was established; To help find a cure and raise awareness of Epilepsy.

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